Our Vehicle Servicing | Lincoln

Here at MWT Automotive Services Ltd. (MWT) We can carry out all your servicing requirements, whether it is just oil and filter change or a full service, we can do it. We can tailor a service to your needs, however, if your vehicle is under warranty with the manufacturer then we will only carry out the manufacturers’ service schedule.

We also believe we go a little further on our services to that of our competitors as past experience has proved, for example if a service schedule requires a brake inspection some will only get a visual check and if the car has large alloy wheels then a visual check is carried out (without removing the wheel!) - Here at MWT we always remove the brakes and fully inspect for wear, damage, seizing etc. and clean and lubricate as required before re-assembly. We also have the diagnostic equipment which will allow us to reset service counters and diagnose faults as required.

We also carry out Air Conditioning servicing, timing belts, clutches diagnostics, MOT repairs and MOT’s arranged, suspension and brake work. All work considered. Due to Mark and Wayne’s huge expanse of experience all makes and models of vehicle can be repaired and maintained and are very welcome. We also pride ourselves in our ‘female friendly’ and ‘non experience’ approach. Certainly not wishing to be sexist, many women and non experienced vehicle owners alike experience the inferior feel of a garage, coming away feeling that they have been ‘fobbed off’ because of their lack of knowledge. Mark and Wayne will happily explain the work necessary and the reason why in a friendly and understanding manner. You are welcome to view all parts replaced on request, which is reassuring for the customer whatever their knowledge and understanding.

Please feel free to contact us for further information