Vehicles Under Warranty | Lincoln

A large proportion of drivers who own cars that are under manufacturers warranty believe, or have been led to believe, that to maintain the warranty of the vehicle it has to be serviced by the main dealer. This is not so, due to ‘Block Exemption’ regulations which allows independent repairers to carry out routine maintenance and non warranty repairs without invalidating the vehicle warranty. To maintain the warranty the vehicle has to be routinely maintained to the manufacturers’ specification using original or equivalent quality parts.

Due to the availability of original equipment (OE) parts in the after market sector at a much reduced cost to main dealer prices, it is more cost effective for customers to use this means of maintaining their vehicle.

If a vehicle was to have a warranty issue it is up to the manufacturer to prove that it is a failure due to lack of maintenance or incorrect use of parts. For example; a vehicle has a service or misses a service and a wheel bearing fails. Due to the bearing being a non serviceable part the warranty covers the repair because no preventative maintenance can be carried out. There are other criteria that have to be met also for the warranty to remain valid, see our Block Exemption page for more details.

So, if you want your car maintained without invalidating the warranty or the large main dealer price tag, now you can!