Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My engine failure lamp has come on – what’s caused it?

A: Don’t know! Due to the fact that there are upward of 200 different possible causes the only way to find out is put a diagnostic tool onto the vehicle.

Q: My engine failure lamp has come on – can I still drive my car?

A: Two possible answers here:

To verify these answers consult the owner’s manual, but the above is the general rule of thumb.

Q: I’ve been told if my timing belt breaks it damages the engine?

A: In the majority of engines this is true. The cost of having a belt changed is minimal in comparison to repair costs if it does break. If you don’t know the history of your belt or don’t know when it’s due for change – Ask, it could save a lot of money and a lot of inconvenience.

Q: How long should my brakes last?

A: This varies from driver to driver and type of journey and how well the vehicle is maintained.

Q: When I use my air conditioning I get a fusty smell – what is it?

A: This is normally caused by either a blocked pollen filter or more commonly caused by a build up of mould and bacteria on the evaporator. See our Air Conditioning page

Q: I don’t know a lot about cars and hate feeling inferior when I enter a garage and leave with a feeling of being ‘fobbed off’. What makes your garage different?

A: We acknowledge the fact that not all drivers are mechanically minded and pride ourselves in our ‘people friendly’ approach. We will explain the work required and why, in a way the customer understands. All parts replaced are kept for the customer to inspect should they wish to do so. This sometimes helps the understanding process. Don’t be afraid to ask however unimportant you may feel the question sounds.

Q: I have put the wrong fuel in my car – what should I do?

A: Avoid starting the engine if possible – get the fuel drained immediately and have fresh fuel put in. We can carry out fuel draining here at MWT.