Air Conditioning Servicing | Lincoln

A larger proportion of vehicles are fitted with air conditioning as standard, it is no longer an optional extra just for those that can afford it.

Air Conditioning has to be used and maintained correctly for it to be efficient or it can increase fuel consumption and be bad for the environment. Air Conditioning, contrary to popular belief, is not just for that occasional hot day we call summer; it is very effective at removing ice during the winter months. For those of you who have a Max Defrost setting will probably have noticed when you use it the air conditioning is also engaged. The best time to have your air conditioning serviced is when your vehicle is serviced because most manufacturers’ service schedules replace the pollen filter during the routine servicing. Air Conditioning systems do lose some refrigerant naturally due to expansion and contraction of joints and also due to the liquid refrigerant changing state to a gas and back to a liquid, it reduces in quantity.

We can do a full system re-charge, efficiency test or full air conditioning service which includes the release of and anti bacterial deodoriser in the vehicle to remove harmful bacteria and mould from the evaporator which is an ideal breading ground for them.

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